Our People

Our People

You will find a little bit of everything at Evolution. Passionate people (a lot), deadpan sense of humour (a little), geeks (obviously), workaholics (everyone), one skyscraper climber and at least one good singer.

Let us introduce you to our squad of stars

  • Gary
    Desktop publishing
    Gary’s hobbies boil down to two words: kass poz (=chill out). It also works with kasiet lekor.
  • Denny
    Desktop publishing
    Denny likes Coca-Cola and he drinks on average three strong coffees a day. Rumour has it that he doesn’t need to sleep at night.
  • Magali
    You wouldn’t guess it looking at her slim outline, but Magali is fond of eating. And the sweeter, the best. The Royal, she explains, is a chocolate and praline cake on a bed of hazelnut - and she could eat it all the time! Mag is also a diva and a fashion-addict, and she never fails to wear her silver rings.
  • Jean Marc Santucci
    Managing Director
    JM loves the truffle pizza at Botteghita and his darling’s gratin dauphinois. He’s addicted to Kite-Surf, so disturbing him during his Saturday session is entirely at your own risk. JM dreamt of becoming Ivan Curkovic, but we still not sure who’s this guy except that his name sounds East-European. Other than that, he often wakes up in the morning with a little pain that wasn’t there the day before. And that really, really bothers him.
  • Denis Gourdin
    Commercial Director
    Denis always wear his magic bracelet, and he loves ice-cream and bowling. His childhood dream involved becoming a language teacher or… GI Joe! Yep, we definitely think he has made the right choice.
  • Ketty
    Commercial Officer
    BIG NEWS: Ketty is in love! *heart* It is therefore not surprising that she would love to find herself in a hammock with her lover on a desert island... eating pickled fruits, because, you know...
  • Annette
    Anoushette has one little weakness: her sleep. But when she’s awake, this dynamic woman has a multitude of hobbies, from meditation to dancing and singing. Our pragmatic Lara Croft would bring a knife and a bikini to a desert island - and she would never forget to pray to her Lord.
  • Sara Bonieux
    Client relations director
    Sara loves to read and watch movie. In fact, she is admittedly addicted to American TV series, which will probably one day swallow up all her free time (she doesn’t know that yet). Equipped with her wedding ring, Sara is hoping to become a singer someday. Meanwhile, she savours chocolate biscuits, her favourite.
  • Mélissa
    Melissa is very good at practising new hobbies, from stamps collecting to photographing her toes. She’s especially passionate about trying to save the world, and she recently bought two rabbits on Facebook. Many years ago, Melichou wanted to be a florist. Oh, and she stole candies at Super U once.
  • Elidie
    Desktop publishing
    Elidie is admittedly a mysterious woman. But what we know is that she loves cinema, music and pyrography.
  • Dorine
    Desktop publishing
    Mado loves watching soap operas, and she wanted to become a policewoman when she was young. Bless her.
  • Joelle
    Desktop publishing
    Joelle is passionate about drawing and painting, which probably explains her talents as a graphic designer!
  • Jean Luc
    Desktop publishing
    Jean Luc almost became an astronaut, but he chose Earth and images. Well done.
  • Pervenche
    Desktop publishing
    Pervenche wears the most beautiful name in the studio. She is also addicted to online recipes, and her cakes are to die for!
  • Fadil
    Fadil practices dreaming at a professional level, and he aspires to turn it into an Olympic sport. He has spotted his first grey hair (we’re still looking for it), and his drawer is full of Kinder Bueno (certainly not because of the Tsonga commercials). One day, a long time ago, he wanted to become a fisherman.
  • Fatimah
    Fatimah is fond of programming, but she also adores romantic comedies. In fact, now that we mention that, she kinda looks romantic herself: always wearing pink and sleeping with a cute teddy bear... However Fatimah aspires to become a private investigator sometimes, so what’s hiding behind the pink?!
  • Didier
    If Didier was a cake, it would be a hot melting Italian Tiramisu. His mantra is “I code so I geek”, and he spends his free time programming, watching films and documentaries and playing foot. Guess what he would bring on a desert island? Hint: not a tiramisu…
  • Elena
    Elena could spend hours at the library, but also travelling, cooking… In fact she’s got a new passion everyday! Alone on a desert island, Elena would capture every angle with her camera. Oh by the way, she really really wants to pass her driver’s licence.
  • Pamela
    Paméla cannot resist buying new perfumes… She just has to.
  • Yaseen
    The transporter
    Yaseen, King of the Wheels
  • Prisca
    Charming homemaker
  • Marie
    Charming homemaker
  • Loraine
    Loraine could die for a piece of dark chocolate and loves to try new DIY projects!
  • Navishen
  • Elodie
    It's quite a hardship to be addicted to chocolates! Luckily for Élodie, she evens things out by being addicted to dancing and swimming as well!
  • Astrid
    Astrid is lost without her mobile, but it would be the end of the world for her should her watch disappear! Like any self-respecting programmer, Astrid loves roaming around on the web reading and playing games...