We are passionate

We give all we have to our projects and clients. Our mission at Evolution is to attract and win the loyalty of our readers. We therefore follow the trends and innovations in our industry, because our goal is to offer you the best, the latest, and the leading edge – if you dare!

We are attentive

Our objective is your satisfaction… Therefore don’t hesitate to drop in and share your thoughts, ideas and requests! We guarantee you will find a receptive, professional and efficient interlocutor. In fact, you will be consulted at each step of the project because strong customer relationships are key to our success.

We are bloody good

Our brilliant developers have designed our very own software dedicated to project management. Using our online platform Flowr will allow you to follow in real time the progress of your different projects at Evolution. With only a simple click, download quotations and layout files or send us your corrections and Purchase Orders.

Our Story

Back in 1997, French-born Jean Marc Santucci fell in love with Mauritius and founded Evolution in partnership with Michel Cocquet (Managing Director of printing company IPC). What started as a simple production platform has now become a fully-fledged agency. We have developed over the years an array of specific skills related to finance publishing, digital, and editorial content management – among others. We have also created subsidiaries specialized in 360° communications and packaging.

Our 130 co-workers carry out with expertise and passion the agency’s various activities. Our modern offices spanning two floors of 650 m2 provide a fun and dynamic environment that allows us to deliver a quality product to you.