Annual Reports

Annual Reports

We have the key to stressfree, smooth, uncomplicated annual reports. Our solution will make your experience brighter, easier… better.

Our Values


A dedicated project manager will follow up the project with you every step of the way. Whatever the characteristic of the project, we respond to your specific needs, working patterns and methods.


Your time is precious, specially during the financial year’s end, so we’ve developed a process that is more reliable and requires less intervention.


We know how short the timeframe is when it comes to the annual report’s production so we are equipped with tools that will speed up the process.

Concept & Design

The annual report is an important communication tool. We help you design and create a successful report by giving you a complete service.

  • Visual concept and design

    We’ll undertake a visual benchmark and make some initial suggestions. From this process, a detailed design brief is developed with you.

  • Editorial strategy and guidelines

    We help you define the way to convey the key messages, and provide you with the report’s outline and word count for each section

  • Images

    Depending on your budget and needs, we can arrange for photo-shoots or provide images from image banks, photograph agencies, etc.

Annual Reports


Annual Reports

Why choose our annual report solution?

  Because we bring you our 17 years expertise and experience in desktop publishing. Our experimented team of DTP operators is the best in terms of software knowledge, process improvement and thoroughness.

  Because we constantly find ways to improve the process and the tools in order to be as fast and reliable as possible .

  •   Process automation from Excel file to Indesign.

  •   Flowr, our own online project management software, that will allow us to share documents, proofs and other information related to the project, ensuring instant online remote access to the latest versions at any time.

  •   Corrections with Acrobat Reader for more accuracy and less errors.

Print Management

Annual Reports Annual Reports Annual Reports

Mastering the printing process and requirements, as well as the paper choice, is an essential part of the publication. We offer you a tailor-made solution, that fits your needs, wishes and budget!

We work hand in hand with the printers to work out the most suitable solution in terms of quality and timing.

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