Digital Content


Is managing the content of your website is a little tougher than it seemed? Well, you’ve knocked on the right door. Let us bring you our great expertise in this area.

Our know-how in publishing is very well fitted to today’s digital opportunities and challenges. Our team of writers, community managers and web designers is here to help you:
  formulate and write the content of your website
  update your content in real time
  post catchy news and create the buzz

Holiday Inn Mauritius Airport

Holiday Inn Mauritius Airport

Copywriting of the website’s content & architecture (French)

Hideaway Maldives

Hideaway Maldives

Rewriting and proofreading of the website

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Blogs consistently improve the relationship between companies and their audience by allowing real-time interaction. It also drives a community of employees by making them share an exciting common goal.
Count on us to add a dynamic and emotional dimension to your editorial content; and sometimes a dash of humour too!



In 2013, our sister company Inedi entrusted us with the creation of its blog. Focused on hotel communications, combines latest news, backstage stories, and fun or technical interviews and essays. In other words, it is a complete overview of the hospitality industry! A quarterly newsletter emailed to our partners and readers compiles our latest articles.

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Jumbo & Spar Blog

Jumbo & Spar

Jumbo, one of the major retailers in Mauritius, wanted to be one of the first to have a digital interface with its clients. They wanted a dedicated space for exchanges and discoveries. We created the blog and manage the content so as to offer interesting and exciting news, tips and special offers to their customers.

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News from Heritage Resorts & Veranda Resorts

Heritage Resorts &
Veranda Resorts

Hotels are now very much aware of the necessity of digital communication. In order to reach their customers, they have to create a relationship with their partners that are the tour operators and travel agencies; and the blog is the perfect way to do just that. The hotel group VLH has entrusted us with their BtoB blog : we designed and developed it and write the content in both english and french.

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Social Networks

Facebook is the most visited website in Mauritius. It seems unthinkable for you to miss such a great opportunity to convey your message and connect with your audience! We help you design the appropriate content and we breathe life in your page, day after day.

Thus far, we manage both business pages (Jumbo, Mr. Bricolage) and media pages (Sundays Magazine, Kozé Magazine). We know whom to target, when to post, which words to use and, last but not least, we pick unforgettable pictures! Trust in us to create the buzz.